Amanchu! (BD Batch)

Truly a wonderful show! Just makes me happy!
Since I’m not doing anything from this season, I’m going to finish some backlog.
Next up is Mob Psycho 100.

Note: We currently have no TLer so we can’t do the OVA, just wait for Asenshi.
Note 2: The link is updated, I re-uploaded the batch because of muxing problems on ep 1 and 4.

Amanchu! (BD 1080p): [Torrent][Magnet][DDL]


  1. Thanks for this wonderful release pyro-san!

    Awaiting your Mob Psycho 100 release next.

  2. Any news on when will Demi-chan’s BDs will be done?

    • pyrorinnegan

      August 2, 2017 at 11:05 pm

      I’m currently working on the volume 5, but after that, depends when the actual next volume is out.

  3. There seems to be video corruption in EP4 from 6:30 – 6:35.
    Or is it just me?

  4. When you write it “Truly a wonderful show!”, I can’t really agree with that. This Amanchu was like a spin off version Aria The Animation Series that has 3 season. Sure this Amanchu was good anime but not good as the original version. It still feel like something is missing in it’s story.

    But anyway, thanks for the BDs

  5. Great show. Reminded me of Aria, so I looked up the staff and production people. Now I know why.

    Glad I found this place. Got any Scotch?

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